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Alleged Colorado Police Brutality Caught on Tape

Posted by Mary Ann Gorman | Posted in Personal Injury News

An Edgewater, Colorado man and his neighbors are claiming police brutality after the man was arrested last Thursday night following an argument with his girlfriend, and a videotape of the arrest provides a disturbing look at the incident. According to a Fox 31 online story, Farouk Kigozi and his girlfriend Sara Alexander were arguing so loud that a neighbor called police. Alexander claimed that Kigozi was compliant with police requests before an officer twisted his arm and threw him to the ground. After hearing cries of pain outside, a neighbor videotaped the incident, which he says corroborated the claims of police brutality.

The frightening video shows Kigozi on the ground as a police officer repeatedly punches him in the face. In addition to his audible screams, Kigozi is heard telling the officer to not hit him. The male neighbor, whose name or face was not shown in the Fox 31 story, described the incident as being “out of line” and what he would call police brutality. Specifically, he said that Kigozi was handcuffed with his stomach on the ground while one police officer continued to unnecessarily use excessive force and another one held him on the ground.

Kigozi admitted in the story that he had too much to drink on the night of the incident. However, he says that the police had him handcuffed and should have taken him to jail immediately, but rather began hitting him in the face. A day after the incident, Kigozi claimed that the whole left side of his face was still hurting. He did not comment on whether any other personal injuries were sustained in the story.

According to documents in the story, Kigozi was taken to the hospital on the night of his arrest by police. Doctors wrote that he was seen for assault. Kigozi was cited by police officers for failure to obey, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. An Edgewater police spokesman refused a detailed comment in the Fox 31 story on the way the officers handled the arrest but did say that it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Kigozi, who came to the United States six years ago from Uganda, was described in the story as saying that he would never expect such a thing to happen to him in America. The story did not detail whether Kigozi plans to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Watch the video of this alleged case of police brutality (please be aware that the video contains footage which should not be viewed by children). Of other interest, this incident occurred two days before the 16th Anniversary of the Rodney King beating on March 3, 1991. Read more about the King beating and the subsequent L.A. riots at The Velvet Goldmine blog.

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Comments (3)

I feel for this person and believe that the police do use excessive force. I know from experience my brother was shot and killed by the commerce city police may 3rd 2006 but I am happy to say that the investigator is pending charges for covering up a murder and the officer who shot him is going up for murder and covering up a murder. My brother is gone but it just goes to show that there are corrupt officers out there and citizens have to stand up for themselves.

F ur bro Go POLICE!

My name is Gloria and my nephew was too murdered by Derek Aragon. I wish I could find any contact info of yours or your families. I cant believe that an officer can kill two young men in just a three year period and have no one to answer too.


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