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We live in a dangerous world, and there are all sorts of everyday products that can malfunction and cause serious harm. This glossary of dangerous products provides information about different types of products known to cause injury. If you've been injured by these or any other product, you might wish to talk to a personal injury lawyer and see if you have a case for damages.

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Air Bags
Air bags are meant to help in a time of danger, but sometimes they malfunction and deploy when they aren’t supposed to. When this happens, chances are the car company is at fault, and you might be able to pursue a personal injury settlement for any damages incurred due to a faulty air bag.

Air Conditioners
Air conditioners can cause problems when cooling your home or car. The AC is meant to cool things off, and in order to do so it requires heat.  Occasionally things will malfunction, and a fire could start or the air conditioner might even explode.

Appliances in general – from handheld electric mixers to washers and dryers – can cause a multitude of problems if they have faulty manufacturing.

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Baby Gates
If a baby gate does not properly stay held in a doorway as it is supposed to, bad things can happen. If a gate is at the top of the stairs and it malfunctions and falls out, not only might someone be hurt by the falling gate, but a small child might fall down the steps and be injured as a result.

Bathtubs, especially those with whirlpool jets, have endless possibilities for personal injury due to faulty manufacturing. If your bathtub cracks or one of the metal jets shoots off while the tub is in use, contact a personal injury attorney to explore your options.

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Cars can malfunction at any time in countless ways, from brake failure to a faulty transmission – and everything in between. In many cases, the car manufacturer might be at fault for a vehicle malfunction – knowingly installing weak brakes or poor quality tires on a car, or putting a car on the market that has not been properly crash-tested are all things that could lead to personal injury.

Cell Phones
There are horror stories about cell phones exploding – but that is not a common cell phone malfunction. There is research to support that cell phones might have cancer-causing effects, but nothing has been certainly proven.

Child Seats
Child safety seats for cars usually come with warnings, but the seat may still be faulty. The straps may break or stretch out over time.

If not properly made, the handles of coffeepots may become overheated and cause burned when touched. Coffeemakers can also leak water, causing a potential electrical problem.

If cosmetics are not property tested on skin before put on the market, they may cause rashes, breakouts and could even lead to permanent scarring.

Baby cribs can cause injury in several ways. Children might fall out of a crib if the bars are too far apart or if the sides of the crib aren’t made high enough. Many cribs have been recalled for these or similar reasons. Crib mattresses can also be a problem. See Mattresses.

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From revolving doors to elevator doors to the door in your own bathroom, doors can be dangerous if they aren’t functioning properly. If an elevator door sensor breaks, a door might not stop and could crush someone in between.

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Electric Blankets
Electric blankets are great to have in winter – especially on those frigid cold nights. But the cuddly warm blankets are still appliances that can catch fire, or set other things on fire and cause a lot of damage or personal injury.

Engines in cars, motorcycles, boats, vans, trucks and anything else you can think of can malfunction and cause problems – from explosions to simple breakdowns.

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Ceiling fans, window fans, industrial fans and any other types of fans have the potential to cause serious harm. Ceiling fans might become disconnected from the ceiling, fans might have covers fall off, creating a hazard to anyone who goes near the fan – it might suck in clothes or hair.

Fireworks themselves are explosives, so they have a higher likelihood of causing harm to users. They are unpredictable and might go off unexpectedly or before anticipated, not allowing users enough time to back far enough away.

Flotation Devices
Flotation devices usually have warnings printed on them, but they can unexpectedly deflate or inflate, causing harm to the user. Some have straps that may also cause strangulation, particularly in young children.

Furnaces are a staple in many households, however they have the potential to explode, start a fire or overheat and cause burns to people in the area.

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Gas and charcoal grills both have chances at malfunction. Propane tanks attached to gas grills may overheat and explode if the grill design is flawed. Charcoal grills may allow embers to fall through the bottom, causing a potential fire hazard.

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Hot Tubs
Hot Tubs can crack or their jets can malfunction causing harm to anyone using the tub. If the water becomes too hot and the design of the tub isn’t up to par, there may be  potential danger.

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Lawn Mowers
Riding  mowers and push mowers can be harmful if their cutting blades are not appropriately protected. They also have the possibility of explosion if the gas tank overheats or comes in contact with flame.

Lead Paint
New construction residential and commercial buildings have strict ordinances banning the use of lead paint – but many older structures might have layers of lead paint under the current coat. If lead paint is ingested, it can cause serious mental and physical damaging effects.

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In cribs, some mattresses have been found to suffocate infants – many of these products have been recalled. Adult mattresses can also cause problems – whether it’s breaking springs, faulty box springs or cancer-causing materials used in the mattress, potential dangers may exist.

Industrial strength microwaves found in some offices and public kitchens have been accused of emitting cancer-causing waves. Microwaves also have the possibility of electrical failure or fire.

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Pet Products
Some pet foods have been recalled due to salmonella or other dangerous bacteria. Like baby toys with small parts, dog toys that have easily detachable parts can be a choking hazard for dogs. Likewise, plush dog toys may cause a suffocation hazard.

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Freezers and refrigerators have the potential to overheat and cause a fire hazard in your home. They can also not function properly, cause food to spoil and do harm to people eating the food.

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Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors that are not properly installed can become detached and cause harm to people by falling or causing an obstacle on the floor. If not properly manufactured, smoke detectors might go off unnecessarily , causing several false alarms. They might also not detect smoke when they are supposed to, putting anyone in the facility in danger.

Gas stoves that have a problem keeping the pilot light lit can allow gas to leak into a home or business and become a great fire hazard. Electrical ranges can overheat and be unpredictable, presenting potential problems and injuries.

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Countless children’s toys have been recalled because of choking hazards, fire hazards, suffocation hazards, falling hazards and others. Visit www.recalls.gov for more information.

Tractors can cause severe injury if the user(s) are not appropriately fastened in, or if the motor is not safely enclosed to avoid harm. There is also a risk of fire hazard with tractors.

A trailer that has a faulty hitch attachment can cause serious damage to the user and others if it becomes disconnected while being towed on the road.

Trampolines are a source of many lawsuits against owners – but can also cause injury because of faulty manufacturing.

A treadmill without an emergency stop button or a faulty emergency stop button can lead to serious injury. If the equipment is not properly assembled or parts are missing, there is a danger of several different personal injuries.

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Industrial vacuum cleaners and household vacuums can cause problems if the power of the appliance is improperly marked or estimated. Cords of vacuums can also cause strangulation or other injury to small children and pets.

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Water Heaters
These appliances have the potential for fire hazard or burn injury. There may also be a possibility of flooding from faulty water heaters.

If windows do not perform to their expectations, they make break easily or be exceptionally drafty causing potential complications from allowing excessive cold into a home or business.

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