Airplane Crash Injuries

Airplane accidents are often fatal for many people aboard the plane. There are, however, plenty of passengers who survive plane accidents with moderate to severe injuries.

In addition to injuries suffered in dramatic crashes, airplane injuries often take place when a crash doesn't occur. Injuries suffered from more mundane events like turbulence, falling luggage, or jet bridge incidents are fairly common.

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Filing an Airplane Crash Injury Lawsuit

While fatal airplane crashes are relatively rare, the National Transportation Safety Board reported more than 3,000 airline-related accidents in a given year. Thus, airplane crash injuries occur more often than you might think.

One common reason for an airplane accident lawsuit is pilot error. Airlines may also be negligent for allowing pilots to fly without proper training. For example, FAA-licensed pilots must:

  • Have at least 250 hours of flight time
  • Have 40 hours of experience in flying by instruments
  • Pass a written test given by the Federal Aviation Administration

These are just a few of the hundreds of regulations that govern whether a pilot qualifies to fly a commercial aircraft.

If you have suffered an airplane crash injury, and your attorney discovers that your pilot was not properly certified, you may be able to sue the airline for negligence.

Airplane Crash Injuries Statistics

Certain periods during a commercial flight are more dangerous than others. According to the website

  • 12 percent of accidents occur on the runway, before the plane even takes off
  • 30 percent of serious accidents happen during takeoff
  • 16 percent of accidents occur while the plane is cruising
  • 25 percent of accidents happen when the plane is landing

While these statistics were compiled for fatal airplane accidents, they also show that the most dangerous periods of any flight are during takeoff and landing.

Of course, while fewer fatal accidents occur at cruising altitudes, many airplane injuries involving turbulence or falling luggage happen at these times. These incidents may result in a serious neck or spinal injury.

If you have been injured in an airplane incident, speaking with a local attorney may help provide more information about your state’s laws governing airplane crash injuries.

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