Airplane and Airport Accident Injuries


One of the greatest fears we all have is to be on a flight during which something goes wrong and a plane crash occurs.

While statistically it is still much safer than most other forms of transportation, airline travel can still be perilous if only because aviation accidents are typically so large in scale and can cause huge death tolls.

Filing a Lawsuit for Airline Injuries

Aviation litigation is always challenging. There are many factors involved and investigation data to consider that go beyond the infamous "black box" recording. These challenges require knowledge of not only state and federal law, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies and regulations, but also a command of the technical aspects of aviation, such as equipment, aerodynamics, and flight procedures. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights.

In addition, aviation cases often take years to resolve due to the highly sophisticated interplay of domestic and international law.

The government needs to conclude its investigation, and then pursue the defendants - airline companies, aircraft manufacturers, component suppliers, maintenance companies, and in some cases, the federal government itself - in state and federal courts.

In addition, there is seemingly endless testimony from a wide variety of expert witnesses including ground crew, air traffic controllers, pilot union officials, survivors, etc.

An aviation accident attorney could sort through all of this testimony and remain focused on trying to get you a fair settlement for a personal injury that you've endured.

Other types of aviation-related injuries

Unfortunately, we live in an age in which terrorism in the skies is a major concern and has resulted in fatalities and substantial injury and impairment. Aviation injuries don't just occur in the sky. Airports are filled with potential hazards that range from baggage cart malfunctions to baggage handling injuries, construction hazards and slip and fall situations. Indeed, airport injuries are on the rise.

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