Airbag Injuries & Claims

If you've ever been in an accident in which an air bag deployed, you know how it can save lives and reduce personal injuries.

Unfortunately, airbags can also be dangerous. Air bag deployments have killed people in differing types of crashes, including drivers, adult passengers, children and infants- with airbag-related deaths peaking in 1997 when 53 people died.

How air bags can cause injuries

There are three primary ways in which an air bag can cause an injury.

  • First of all, there are cases when the manufacturer fails to install air bags in the vehicle.
  • The second scenario is when the air bag fails to deploy.
  • The third cause is when air bags deploy in low-impact crashes and cause death or injury.

The last category is the most common form of air bag liability case. Either the air bag was defective, was improperly installed or the auto maker did not include proper safety instruction with the air bag.

Air bag injuries include can occur in almost any auto accident and can cause burns, lacerations, head injuries, paralysis and even death.

If you have suffered an injury from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, talk to a local injury lawyer to discuss options for a personal injury claim.

The Complexities of Air Bag Injury Cases

Air bag injury cases can be very complex and typically necessitate the use of expert witnesses-such as an accident reconstruction specialist, automotive engineer, motion study expert, pathologist and others-to prove the air bag actually caused the injury or death.

Additionally, the on-board computer systems that are now found in many vehicles contain data that can be crucial to an air bag case and this data must be carefully analyzed.

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