Brake Failure Accident Injuries


We've all seen it dramatized in movies and on television - the awful scene when someone pumps his brakes and there's no response. Well, brake failure isn't just something in a movie script. It's a very real danger.

When something goes wrong with brakes, it's dangerous at any speed, in any situation when the vehicle is moving. Brake failure can cause serious personal injuries and even death.

What Causes Brake Failure?

If you can grasp the necessary force and durability that brakes require to stop tons of moving metal, you can understand how brake malfunctions can occur. So many different things can cause a brake to fail.

These can include the manufacturer failing to install a brake shift interlock (the device that prevents the driver from shifting out of park without depressing the brake pedal) to the manufacturing of inferior parts--like rotors, drums or pads.

The parking brake system can be defective. The hydraulic lines may not be attached to the brake system. A vehicle that has something wrong with its brakes is an accident waiting to happen. The challenge is proving negligence on the part of the brake manufacturer, auto maker or maintenance shop.

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