Public Transportation Accident Injuries


As the use of public transportation increases, so do the accidents and injuries associated with it. If you have been injured in a railroad, bus, or air travel accident, a personal injury lawyer is available to make sure that you know your rights and options in your personal injury case.

A public transportation accident attorney should know how to deal with the insurance company for you, and how to approach the available information and evidence in your case.

You may be eligible for compensation if you've been hurt in a train, bus, or airplane accident through someone else's negligence, and a local personal injury attorney can help you to work toward that goal. A personal injury lawyer is available to answer your questions and give you advice today.

How can a personal injury attorney work for me?

From bus- and train-related injuries to those resulting from a plane crash or an airport accident, a local personal injury attorney is ready to tackle your case, and to make sure that you are working toward a productive resolution.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and determine where negligence and errors have occurred. A lawyer can build a strategy for you, negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, and go to trial with you if necessary.

What should I do about the insurance companies?

If you have encountered medical problems as a result of a personal injury, you are likely to encounter insurance companies in some way.

And while these representatives can seem cordial and helpful, it is important to remember who they represent. Anything that you tell an insurance company representative can be used against you later to weaken or even deny your claim. A personal injury lawyer can advise you about dealing with the insurance company, and make sure that you know what your rights are.

Filing a personal injury claim and getting compensation for your injury can be tricky, but a local injury lawyer can help you explore your options.

Railroad Accident Injuries

Railroad accidents are widely publicized, affecting both drivers and pedestrians. There are numerous potential causes for these railroad accidents, including defective equipment, human error, and track and signal problems.

The list of potential injuries is also extensive, from common auto-related injuries and burns, to spinal cord damage and even death. A railroad accident attorney can work through the causes of your accident and injury to help you build a solid case for compensation.

Also, as a railroad employee hurt on the job, you may be eligible for special consideration under Federal Law.

Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents are on the rise as highways become more congested. Personal injury cases resulting from these accidents can be complicated.

The bus accident attorneys who sponsor Total Injury understand the complexities of public transportation injury cases. Whether a bus accident occurred as a result of driver negligence, defective equipment, or improper maintenance, a bus accident attorney can work through the details and advise you regarding your options.

Airplane / Airport Accident Injuries

The devastating effects of a plane crash are well known, as a result of extensive media coverage. But if you are involved in a place crash or accident yourself, you might not be aware of the complications you may encounter in seeking fair compensation for your injuries.

An airplane accident lawyer knows that it can take years for the government to investigate a plane crash. In the web of legal requirements and governmental action, your losses can get overlooked. An airplane accident attorney can work for you, sifting through the extensive documentation and making sure that your concerns are represented.

In addition, a personal injury lawyer can take on your case if you've been hurt in an airport, whether because of a slip and fall, a baggage cart malfunction, or a baggage handling injury.

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