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Subways offer a remarkably efficient way to shuttle thousands of city-dwellers around town. The features that make subways so efficient, though — like their speed, openness, and frequent starts and stops — can pose many dangers to passengers.

Possible subway accidents that may lead to a personal injury lawsuit include slip and fall accidents on stairways, subway collisions, or assaults by other passengers.

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Filing a Subway Accident Lawsuit

Large, violent subway collisions often receive the most attention from the press. One of the most infamous subway accident lawsuits came in after a tragic collision on a New York City subway in 1991.

In that collision, five people were killed and more than 200 passengers were injured after a subway car derailed and ran into an underground wall. At the time, the driver of the car was traveling 30 miles per hour over the subway's speed limit.

Such gruesome accidents, however, are relatively rare. A more common incident is a simple slip and fall accident:

  • Subway slip and fall. These types of injuries are fairly common because steps leading down to subway tracks are often dark, slippery, or poorly maintained.
  • Remember the location. If you are considering filing a slip and fall injury lawsuit, it is important to remember the exact location of your fall.
  • Look for causes. At the spot where you fall, look for any cracks or materials that may have caused the slip and fall.
  • Find witnesses. A successful subway accident lawsuit after a slip and fall often requires the testimony of neutral observers who witnessed the accident.

Of course, stairs are not the only culprit in subway accident lawsuits. Passengers may also be injured exiting and entering the subway cars, or suffer head or neck injuries after sudden stops.

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The laws that determine whether a person can file a subway accident lawsuit vary widely by state. Since subways usually exist only in major metropolitan areas, there are a few states that deal with such claims more often than others, such as New York, Illinois, or California.

If you've suffered an injury in a subway accident as a tourist in another state, you may have to file your lawsuit in the state where you suffered the injury, depending on the circumstances.

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