Personal Injury Lawsuits Too Much for MTA

Every year, New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority drops between $30 and $60 million on payouts for personal injury lawsuits filed against the organization.

According to The Village Voice, the MTA has been "cash-strapped" for decades - and now the organization is trying to wipe out all lawsuits that come in from people who are at fault for their own injuries.

The most recent example of a self-induced MTA injury is the story of Dustin Dibble – a man who fell onto the tracks and was hit by a train, while his blood alcohol content was twice that of the legal limit.

Though it was his inebriated state that ultimately caused the accident, Dibble managed to squeeze $2.3 million out of the MTA for his damages.

Attorneys representing the MTA claim that there is still a small number of people who do try to get injured on purpose – but that number is not insignificant, the Village Voice reported.

The MTA is taking their idea to the state capitol and lobbying for legislation that says the transit system cannot be held accountable for injuries caused when people put themselves in harm’s way.

The Village Voice says that the payouts the MTA makes on personal injury lawsuits is only half the amount the NYPD pays out on personal injury lawsuits against them.

Though no legislation regarding self-caused injuries on MTA property has been suggested or passed, if the organization does successfully bring the idea to Albany, it might open the door for other public or government organizations to seek the same type of safety against lawsuits.

In addition to spreading throughout New York governmental organizations, other states might start to catch on too – making it much harder for individuals injured by public transit or other state-funded organizations to collect personal injury money.

If you have questions specific to your state’s laws consider talking to a personal injury attorney in your area.

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