Personal Injury Lawsuit Last Resort against Bullies

By: Gerri L. Elder

Billy Wolfe has been bullied at school for years. The high school student says that he has been harassed by other students since elementary school. He has been assaulted and verbally abused at school multiple times, and he has had obscenities written about him around the school for three years now.

The bullies just won't let up on him. They have even set up a Facebook group for "everybody who hates Billy Wolfe" to bully him in cyberspace and solicit others to abuse him. It's beyond ridiculous and his parents are at the end of their ropes. They've tried everything to get the beatings and the bullying to stop but have been unsuccessful and Billy continues to receive multiple injuries at school on a regular basis.

Now Billy's parents say that they have no choice but to sue the kids who are tormenting their son. Even since they have filed the personal injury lawsuit against the kids, they have still continued to beat Billy up every chance they get and do everything they can to make him miserable.


According to a CNN report, the Wolfe family has filed complaints with the school, but that has not helped the situation. Billy's mother says that she has pleaded with the school to call the police but they have refused. She and Billy's father now feel that the only thing they can do in order to ensure that Billy is able to get an education in an environment suitable for learning is to take legal action.

The Fayetteville School District in North Carolina where Billy attends school says that they attempt to prevent harassment at school and when it occurs they try to deal with all parties in a fair manner. They say that when students violate school policy, they are punished and victims are provided with "necessary services" that allow them to return to class.

Mrs. Wolfe says that there are no services provided for Billy when he is beaten up, harassed and verbally abused at school. She says that the school has not provided a safe learning environment for her son. After one particularly brutal beating that Billy received at school at the hands of a bully, Mrs. Wolfe claims that a school official told her, "Your son got what he deserved." Billy was photographed with bruises and abrasions all over his face after the incident, which the family says is a regular occurrence at school.

Even outside of school. the bullies have mugged and robbed Billy. He's a constant target in and out of school and by filing the personal injury lawsuit his parents are hoping to send a message that this abuse must stop. However, so far it has done no good. Bullies are not afraid of Billy's parents or their personal injury lawsuit, and they certainly have no fear of Billy Wolfe.

Billy is a well mannered and polite young man who is constantly terrorized for no conceivable reason. He says he'd rather be friends with the other kids but he can't because they are constantly physically and verbally abusing him.

The personal injury lawyer representing the Wolfe family says that they have filed the lawsuit out of desperation. They have tried in vain to get help from police, teachers and school officials and now have no choice but to sue. They hope to bring accountability for the wrongful behavior of the kids who are making Billy's life a living hell. The lawsuit seeks damages for medical expenses, mutilation, impaired physical and mental abilities, pain and suffering, mental anguish, punitive damages, attorneys' fees, court costs and other relief.

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