Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit Adds to Couple's Grief over Stillborn Baby

By: Gerri L. Elder

A couple in Texas recently lost a baby when it was stillborn during the second trimester of the mother's pregnancy. As tragic as losing the child was, the couple was allegedly dealt another blow by the hospital that certainly must have been just as difficult. They say that the body of their child was sent out with the hospital's dirty laundry.

Kortney McGee and Milburn "Pete" Robinson have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Huguley Memorial Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas after the hospital allegedly sent the corpse of their stillborn baby to the cleaners. The couple says that while they were trying to plan the funeral, they were told the body of their stillborn son could not be located.

It allegedly took the hospital staff 19 hours to locate the body of the infant, and by the time it was found, the unpreserved body had been crushed and disfigured.

Examining the Details of this Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit

In July 2007, McGee was in her second trimester of pregnancy when she began bleeding. She was taken to Huguley Memorial Hospital, where she later gave birth to a stillborn baby boy, Jacob Dwayne Robinson. McGee and Robinson were told that the body of the baby would be taken to the morgue.

About 19 hours later, the body of the baby was located, and transported to the morgue. The personal injury lawsuit filed by the couple claims that the body was not refrigerated when it arrived at the morgue and had been sent to a commercial cleaner with the hospital's dirty laundry.

How did the couple learn of this last grisly part? Well, the funeral director says that the baby was picked up from the commercial laundry facility.

In their lawsuit, McGee and Robinson allege that the hospital breached its duty to care for, handle, maintain and/or prepare the baby for burial. They accuse the hospital of negligence and gross negligence, and say that they have suffered severe emotional distress and mental anguish because of the actions of the hospital staff. They are seeking punitive and exemplary damages in their lawsuit against the hospital.

Most interesting is the hospital's reaction to the allegations. A lawyer representing Huguley Memorial Medical Center denies all of the allegations in the lawsuit filed by McGee and Robinson.

So, for the moment it seems that McGee and Robinson will have to relive the horror of discovering that their child was crushed in a commercial laundry bin when they go to court. Rather than admitting any wrongdoing, it looks like the hospital would rather cause this couple more emotional distress.

The case seems relatively clear though, either the baby went to the cleaners or it didn't. According to the funeral director, the baby was picked up from the commercial laundry facility. As inconceivable as it seems that a hospital would allow a corpse to be taken away with the dirty laundry, it seems even less of a possibility that the couple could have concocted this lawsuit based on anything but facts.

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