Chicago Police Department Hit with Another Serious Allegation of Police Brutality


After being severely criticized following several allegations of police officer brutality in recent months, the Chicago Police Department was hit with another black eye earlier this week when a female freelance photographer claimed that she was the victim of police brutality last summer.

Most 10 p.m. newscasts in Chicago on April 30th led off with the story of Dolores Robare, who claimed earlier that day during a press conference that she was beaten by two city police officers and Cook County Sheriff's deputies last August and is thus filing a police brutality lawsuit to recoup damages for her medical bills.

With disturbing images of her alleged personal injuries flanked behind her, Robare and her Chicago personal injury attorney detailed their side of this supposed instance of police brutality.

Specifically, Robare said that she was walking across a street last summer when she was almost hit by a patrol vehicle being driven by Cook County Sheriff's Deputy Darge. Robare claimed that Darge asked her for her driver's license and that she soon became the victim of Chicago police brutality after refusing to comply to his request.

Robare alleged that Darge responded by grabbing her, placing her arms behind her back and handcuffing her. Darge then allegedly proceeded to throw Robare to the ground and repeatedly pushed her into the ground as she tried to get up. Robare was left with a broken nose, severely bruised and swollen face, and injuries to her head and knees which ultimately required her to be taken to the hospital.

Involved Chicago Law Enforcement Claim that Robare was Drunk & Attacked Them!

Following the incident, Darge and the other involved law enforcement (Cook County Sheriff's Deputy Margie Sullivan and Chicago police officers Michael Musznsky and Josephine Christopher) filed a report stating that Robare was drunk and attacked them. She was thus injured when Darge responded to her alleged attack.

Robare's Chicago personal injury attorney Lawrence Jackowiak admitted during the press conference that his client had a few drinks on the day of the incident. However, he denied that Robare was drunk and countered the claims that she attacked officers by saying that she would have been charged with a crime and at least one of the officers would have had evidence on him or her that his client initiated the attack.

Even if she was drunk, Jackowiak said the police brutality was not justified. Robare expressed her disbelief how the officers were trying to pit the blame on her.

Jackowiak was questioned by the media about why he and his client filed this personal injury lawsuit alleging Chicago police brutality eight months after the fact. In other words, were they trying to capitalize off the recent cases of alleged Chicago policy brutality, including the nationally-shown video depicting off-duty officer Anthony Abbate beating a female bartender at an establishment on the Northwest side of the city?

Jackowiak denied that this Chicago police brutality allegation was an attempt to capitalize off the current anger against the city's police department and rather said that it took him a long time to get the names of the four officers listed as defendants in the personal injury lawsuit. Robare added that she filed a Chicago police brutality complaint shortly after the incident with a station near where she lived but never heard back from anyone.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding this alleged Chicago police brutality, it ultimately provides more bad publicity for the city's police department, which saw its Police Supt. Phil Cline recently resign in the wake of such terrible press.

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