Truck Accident and Other Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

There are millions of motor vehicle accidents every year. Some motor vehicles are more dangerous than others, either in terms of the likelihood of an accident or in the seriousness of the injuries typically sustained when an accident does occur.

For instance, truck accident injuries may be more serious, and property damage more extensive, simply because of the size and weight of the vehicle involved. Of course, a passenger vehicle that makes contact with a big rig on the interstate isn't likely to fare well.

ATVs are often operated by people without adequate knowledge or experience, and may be operated in isolated areas where help is not readily available in the event of an accident.

What can you do to Recover from Injuries Suffered in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

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The personal injury verdicts and motor vehicle accident settlements below have been collected from news sources across the country to provide a sampling of outcomes from around the United States.*

*Results taken from recent news articles. Results not typical. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

$6 Million Verdict for Road Debris Death

In 2004, as a Florida woman was driving on an expressway, she was struck in the head by a 34-pound metal plate that flew into her windshield. No one knew where the debris came from or came forward to claim responsibility. Weeks later, she died from the injury.

The family hired attorneys to solve the mystery. They found that Tarmac America, a concrete block manufacturer, had package the unique metal plates for shipment and loaded them on several flatbed trucks. Tarmac said it sold the plates to IGM, a scrap metal company, which then hired EM Transfer, a trucking company, to transport the cargo.

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against all three companies. The scrap metal company and the trucking company settled the suit, while the family went to trail against Tarmac.

A jury found that Tarmac was negligent in properly securing the packages containing the metal plates and awarded the family of the victim $6,098,000, appointing Tarmac 28 percent liable. The truck injury verdict will be reduced by 72 percent of the liability the jury appointed to the trucking company.

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Marine Families Awarded $55.6 Million in Helicopter Crash

A jury decided to award $55.6 million to the families of four Marines who were killed in a helicopter crash at Camp Pendleton in 2004. The families filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against San Diego Gas & Electric Co. after the four died when their helicopter crashed into a utility tower at the Marine Corps base. The families alleged the company was negligent for not installing safety lights on the tower. The jury awarded $15.2 million in compensatory damages and $40.4 million in punitive damages. SDG&E plans to appeal the judgment.

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$1 Million Awarded for Motorcycle Crash

An Arkansas jury awarded $1 million in damages to a man who lost part of his leg when a car crashed head-on into his motorcycle.

The motorcycle driver was riding down a street when the car pulled out in front of him at an intersection, hitting the motorcycle and causing the motorcycle driver the loss of a limb, loss of employment, and pain and suffering, among other damages.

The victim also sued his former employer, claiming his employer was responsible for damages because he was working at the time of the accident; however, the jury decided he was an independent contractor-not an employee-so the company was not responsible for damages.

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No Damages Awarded for Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Drowning

A wrongful death trial in Moberly, Missouri ended in the assignment of no damages, as the jury found both parties equally responsible for the death of a young man in a boating accident in 2006. Ten people in a shallow-bottomed boat capsized the craft, but the young man was unable to swim to safety. His father brought the wrongful death suit against the owner of the boat. However, the jury found that the young man's own reckless behavior had contributed equally to his death. Court reports showed that none of the people involved were wearing flotation devices, and, though not minors, alcohol was involved in the incident.

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$1.2 Million for Pedestrian Hit by City Bus

The City of Santa Monica reached a settlement to resolve a wrongful death lawsuit with Oscar Saenz, whose wife, Maria Carrera, was struck and killed by a city bus on Ocean Avenue and Pico Boulevard. Carrera was on her way to her housekeeping job when she was struck in the crosswalk by a bus driver who did not see her. Carrera was 47 years old at the time of her death. According to news reports, Saenz will receive $1.2 million from the city in order to halt the lawsuit.

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$11 Million Settlement Replaces Verdict for Woman Injured by Concrete Cutter

A woman from Fairbury, Illinois reached an $11 million settlement with Vermeer Sales & Service that resolves a jury verdict she received in April of $14.6 million, allowing her to receive the full amount more quickly and avoid the prospect of appeal. Bobbi Jo Craver had been hit by a Vermeer concrete cutter on Interstate 55 in 2002, an injury which required the amputation of her leg. In addition to around the $450,000 that she has received from insurance held by G.M. Sipes Construction, she will receive around $10.5 million from Vermeer liability insurance.

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$2.5 Million Awarded to Family of Elderly Woman Killed in Crosswalk

A jury in Cook County, Illinois awarded $2.5 million to the family of a 90-year-old woman from Elmwood Park who died after being hit by a van and dragged. Victim Helen Gochis was struck in a crosswalk while walking against a green light. The van dragged her 25 feet before stopping, according to news reports. The jury verdict includes $1 million for pain and suffering and $1.5 million for wrongful death.

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$550,000 to Cyclist for Accident with Land Rover

The Oregonian reports that a Multnomah County jury awarded a cyclist $550,000 for injuries sustained when a motorist test-driving a Land Rover hit him on the road. News reports indicated that the SUV driver was negotiating an abrupt U-turn in front of the bicycle when the collision occurred, sending the cyclist over the hood of the Land Rover and causing a cartilage tear in his left wrist. The injury has prevented William Boyd from continuing his work as a Mercedes-Benz mechanic, and a doctor testified in the trial that it could end his career if further surgery is required.

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$305,000 to man in ATV accident with sheriff's car

Kenneth J.S. Martin, from Wilson, New York, reached a settlement of a suit against Niagara County over injuries suffered in a collision with a sheriff's car Martin was driving an ATV when he was hit by the patrol car, causing his ATV to flip four times. Martin was left with double vision and short-term memory loss, and was convicted in a local court of not having his headlight on, driving an ATV on the highway, not wearing a helmet, not having license plates and driving an unregistered ATV. However, the county is paying $305,000 to resolve the lawsuit.

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$2.1 Million to Sheriff's Family for Death at Charity Event

The family of former Lake County (Florida) Sheriff Chris Daniels reached a settlement with the owner of a racetrack on which Daniels was killed while taking part in a charity bus race. The tragic accident occurred on Daniels' 47th birthday, when Daniels was thrown from his bus and run over by his own bus and the bus driven by the sheriff of Seminole County after a collision on the track. Reports indicated that Daniels was not wearing a seat belt at the time and his visibility was poor at the time of the collision. The racetrack owned the buses used in the race, and certain safety features such as rear and side mirrors were removed. The $2.1 million settlement amount came from the track's insurance policy.

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$5 Million to Soldier's Family for Truck Accident in Iraq

In Niles, Illinois, the family of Lt. Col. Dominic Baragona received a $5 million settlement from the United States government to resolve a wrongful death lawsuit. Baragona was killed in Iraq in a government Humvee during a collision with a truck owned by a military contractor, Kuwait Gulf Link Transport Co. The family alleged in the lawsuit that the company is responsible for the death of Baragona after the truck driver failed to see a pile of debris and swerved into the Humvee carrying their son. The US government agreed to pay $5 million to resolve the lawsuit for its subcontractor.

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$10 Million for Death of Son in Truck Accident

The family of Michael Herrin, a 15-year-old boy killed in a truck accident in rural Pennsylvania, reached a court settlement with Brian and Robert Bramlet, the owners of the Ford F-100 farm truck that killed young Herrin. Brian Bramlet, the truck's driver, failed to stop at a stop sign and struck the Jeep Cherokee driven by Herrin with passengers. Two passengers were ejected from the vehicle, including Herrin, whose injuries in the accident proved to be fatal. The $10 million personal injury settlement reached covered damages for the premature death of Michael Herrin, as well as $10,000 to cover medical and funeral expenses.

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Teacher's Family Awarded $4.4 Million in Wrongful Death Suit

The family of Thomas Kelly, an English teacher and athletics coach at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, received a wrongful death verdict award worth at least $4.4 million. Kelly was killed in a shuttle bus outside of Gillette Stadium-the New England Patriots' stadium-during a PGA golf tournament taking place on a nearby course. A gate that was not properly locked swung open and a pole connected to it impaled the bus, injuring three including Kelly. The lawsuit filed by Kelly's family named five defendants in the case, including the bus driver and the company, both of whom were exonerated by the jury.

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Texas Man Receives $6 Million for Motorcycle Injuries in Crash with Semi Truck

Walter Browning, of Weatherford, Texas, was awarded $6 million for a motorcycle accident involving a tractor-trailer in 2006. A U.S. District Court in Waco, Texas found a Colonial Freight Systems driver negligent in causing the accident by moving into a lane occupied by the 55-year-old motorcyclist. Browning sustained permanent personal injuries in the crash. The defendant's argument was based on a statement by the driver taken by police at the scene of the accident, which claimed that Browning drove into the tractor-trailer directly. Browning was incapacitated the scene of the accident and unable to enter a statement himself.

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Beach Patrol Officers Hits Sunbather, County Pays $100,000

A young woman has received a $100,000 settlement from Volusia County, Florida, for a personal injury case in which she was run over by a beach patrol truck while sunbathing. Haleigh Howerton, a Georgia college student, was on the beach with her fiancé when a beach patrol officer in a Dodge truck, distracted by swimmers in the ocean, ran over her, causing damage to her pancreas and spleen and causing one lung to collapse. The truck driver, a veteran of the beach patrol, was reprimanded and given a $118 fine. Howerton was disappointed in the size of the award, not enough, she claims for future medical expenses.

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Imperial County Girl Awarded $5.64 Million for Truck Accident

An Imperial County, California jury awarded 21-year-old Teresa Gonzalez a total of $5.64 million for a personal injury accident that occurred six years ago, when she was 15. A commercial truck from Dresick Farms allegedly ran through a stop sign and straight into her family van, ramming into the side of the van and striking Gonzalez in the face. Since the accident, she has received 21 operations on her face. Though they fought liability for six years, Dresick Farms finally acknowledged full liability just before the trial was about to start, and so the trial was to determine the amount to be awarded.

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$15 Million Awarded in Motorcycle Accident Due to Defective Tire

A federal jury in Peoria, Illinois recently awarded Trish McCloud, a Michigan resident, $15 million for brain injuries stemming from a defective tire on her motorcycle that caused her to crash on the highway. While riding the motorcycle from St. Louis to Michigan, the tire deflated and she crashed so hard against the pavement that it rendered her helmet useless. Currently, McCloud is partially paralyzed and requires constant care to survive. The award is one of the largest ever rendered in the Central District of Illinois.

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Family Awarded $45 Million in Wrongful Death Case

The largest personal injury settlement in Polk County, FL history was recently concluded, the Lakeland Ledger (FL) recently reported, with Carla Bryant of Lakeland receiving a massive award of $45 million. In February, 2006, Bryant was driving her daughter and her daughter's best friend in a pickup truck when they collided with a commercial-size truck driven by John Robert Mitchell. The two girls, Morgan Bryant and Brittany Hooten, were both killed instantly, as well as the fetus of Carla Bryant, which was two months' old. Bryant also sustained permanent brain injuries in the crash, leaving her hospitalized for several months and currently under home care. The award includes nearly $40 million in the personal injury verdict and $5.7 million for wrongful death. The initial award was significantly higher, but the jury determined that Bryant was 25 percent at fault in the accident, thereby reducing her award by that amount. The family of Brittany Hooten settled out of court with Progressive insurance company for an undisclosed sum.

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$1.175 million settlement for SUV accident

New Jersey State Senator Robert singer recently agreed to a $1.175 million settlement to end a lawsuit filed by a 76-year-old woman he seriously injured by hitting her with his SUV in 2005. Barbara Sara was walking across East Veterans Highway when Singer's SUV hit her. Sara suffered a concussion, a fractured arm, two fractured ankles and a fractured leg; she was put in critical condition and remained hospitalized for nearly four months. Singer has a history of running people down - in 1991 he hit "two intoxicated gentlemen who walked in front my car."

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$45 million awarded for truck crash

A Florida jury recently awarded $45 million to the family of a 9-year-old girl who was killed in an auto crash in 2006. Carla Bryant was two months pregnant when she was struck by a large truck while piloting her own pickup truck in Lakeland. Bryant was seriously injured in the accident, which killed both her fetus and her 9-year-old daughter Morgan. Morgan Bryant's friend Brittany Hooten was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident; she died as well. The Bryant family filed the lawsuit against the truck driver John Robert Mitchell. The verdict was split between a near $40 million personal injury verdict and $5.7 million verdict for Morgan Bryant's wrongful death.

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$6 million awarded for van crash

A Florida jury recently awarded $6 million to a man who suffered a permanent neck injury in an accident while driving a Ford Aerostar van in 2002. Julian Felipe was traveling to Sarasota for a family vacation when the 1993 van's tire blew out, causing the van to roll over and the roof to cave in. Felipe's mother was driving the car at the time, but Felipe's neck was broken during the accident, paralyzing him. According to the lawsuit, Ford knew there was a propensity for vans and trucks to roll over, especially after a blowout, but failed to provide adequate engineering and safety measures to protect consumers.

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Leg injury during celebration profits NY man $200,000

Lloyd Rosenbaum, of Annadale, NY, received right kneecap and ligament damage several years ago at a national truck show as he was celebrating a friend's victory for Best in Show. According to the Staten Island Advance, Rosenbaum's colleague, Salvatore Mazzio, placed first in a contest featuring tricked-out tow trucks and invited friends and family aboard the truck for a victory lap. As Rosenbaum was climbing up, Mazzio put the truck into gear, and Rosenbaum fell off from the sudden movement. He subsequently required surgery. Mazzio's insurance company, through his employer Apple Towing Co. Inc., settled the personal injury case for $200,000 during trial before it went to verdict.

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$1.1 million personal injury settlement to cyclist struck by tanker truck

The uncertainty of success in a jury trial prompted George Kidd of Trenton, NJ to agree on a personal injury settlement during trial that provided a minimum payout in case his claim was rejected and a maximum amount of $1.1 million for a ruling in his favor. In 2004, Kidd was standing on a sidewalk with his bicycle when a tanker truck struck him, causing fractures and leg injuries in both legs that required surgery and skin grafts. The jury decided in Kidd's favor, and actually awarded him a total of $2.4 million, but the payout was capped due to Kidd's decision to settle.

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$2.25 Million awarded for traffic death

A Florida jury recently awarded $2.25 million to the mother of a man who was killed in a traffic crash in 2004. 24-year-old Joseph Eddy was driving his pickup truck down a county road near Grayton Beach when he struck a tractor trailer that was parked in the eastbound lane. The lawsuit contended that the tractor trailer driver did not use proper safety precautions, such as cones or flagmen, to warn oncoming traffic. Jacqueline Parks, Eddy's mother, sued the driver, the company that owned the tractor trailer, the construction site contractor and the subcontractor receiving the materials the day of the crash.

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$56,837 awarded for golf cart injuries

A Missouri jury recently awarded $56,837 to a man who sustained injuries after he drove a golf cart into the path of his Chevy Cavalier that was being repossessed. William Clawson claims he drove his golf cart into the path of his Cavalier, because he thought it was being stolen by Jack Turner, who works for RDA Towing and Recovery. Clawson claims that GMAC never notified him that they intended to repossess his car. Clawson suffered severe and disabling injuries to his neck that required an experimental disk replacement, mental anguish, and became liable for medical expenses. The jury determined that Clawson was 48.35% responsible for his injuries and reduced his original award of $111,118.

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$4.3 million awarded for Golf Cart Crash

A California woman was recently awarded $4.3 million after she was ejected from a golf cart in 2003, sending her down a 15-foot ravine that was hidden by bushes. Penina Meisels landed backside on a boulder leaving her shoulder blade jutting from her underarm. Meisels, a jewelry designer and widely published photographer, can no longer effectively work more than five hours a week. The verdict was awarded against the San Geronimo Golf Course for failing to install barriers along the road which Meisels was driving.

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$16 million awarded for fatal rock hauler crash

A Texas jury recently awarded about $16 million to the family of Kim Hughes, her two children and her mother, who were fatally injured when their vehicle was struck broadside by a Ford pickup truck after careening off an 18-wheeler driving in the wrong lane. The jury decided that TXI Transportation Co. and its driver Ricardo Reyna Rodriguez were responsible for the deaths. The verdict was brought down from an original $23.5 million award since punitive damages were eliminated from the case.

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$17.7 million to injured motorcyclist

The California Norwalk Superior Court jury awarded $17.7 million to a motorcyclist severely injured when the wife of a U.S. president of a Taiwanese shipping firm struck his motorcycle with a company car. Wen-Ting Tai turned a Wan Hai Lines company car into the motorcycle's path in 2004, four days after she flunked the California driving test. The jury decided the plaintiff Joyson Mallabo was 5 percent at fault, simply because he was riding a motorcycle. Mallabo suffered massive injuries and must now use a cane to walk.

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$20 Million for ATV Lawsuit

A Pasco County jury awarded $20 million to Terry Roberts for the death of her 13-year old son Donald in an all-terrain vehicle accident in 2002. Roberts sued the ATV's owner Mark Taylor for allegedly allowing her son to drive the vehicle down a state highway unsupervised. Roberts lost control of the vehicle while and struck a barbed-wire fence. The court verdict determined that the crash was caused by Taylor's failure to maintain the ATV's brakes, tires and steering mechanisms. The award is believed to be the largest in Pasco history.

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$1.3 Million Wrongful Death Settlement Involving SUV

Clay Greenplate died when an SUV hit his car in a head on collision in 2005. The driver of the SUV, Martha Miller, had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. The terms of the $1.3 million wrongful death settlement include $510,067 for his wife, Regina and $90,000 college annuities for each of the Greenplate's four children.

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$3.5 Million Settlement For 3-Day-Old Girl's Injury in Ambulance Crash

The attorneys for John Knabb III and Tracy Knabb, the parents of the girl and International Biomedical Inc. have agreed to a $5.3 million settlement. The girl was being transported to a hospital for treatment of a heart defect when the driver under the influence of alcohol crashed. The ambulance driver died at the scene while Joanne McNabb suffered massive injuries that leave her unable to lead a normal life. The settlement is pending a Venango County judge's approval.

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$874,000 awarded for man hit by tire

A New York jury awarded $874,000 in damages to James Fahey, who was injured in 2004 when he was struck by a tire that came loose from an automobile. The wheel had been serviced three weeks earlier, and evidence from the accident indicated that the lug nuts had not been tightened. Fahey underwent surgery to place pins and plates in his knee, and still suffers some limitation of movement.

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$1.34 million awarded for bicycle accident

A judge ordered the state of Hawaii to pay $1.34 million in damages to Richard Dunn for injuries sustained when Dunn was thrown from his bicycle after striking a mount on the roadway. Dunn sustained brain injuries, despite the fact that he was wearing a helmet, and the judge found that negligent maintenance of roadway delineator caused the accident.

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$300,000 settlement in motorcycle accident case

A New Jersey man received a $300,000 settlement from Jersey City after he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Jermaine Marcellus lost the use of one arm after his motorcycle ran over a pothole, which caused him to collide with a pole. Marcellus claimed that the city failed to maintain proper and safe conditions on the road where the accident took place.

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$2.5 million to man hit when walking on side of road

Superior Court in Cumberland County, ME awarded Lucas Tolliver $2.9 million against the Maine Department of Transportation for failing to stripe new pavement on a newly resurfaced highway. The pavement had been unstriped for more than a month when Tolliver, 25, was struck by a vehicle in 2004 while walking on the side of Route 302 in Casco, Maine. The impact broke his ribs and hip, and lacerated his liver.

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$2.7 Million for Scooter Injury

Jorge Perez, a deaf man with Cerebral Palsy who fell off a scooter after the front wheel fell off has settled a lawsuit for $2.7 million with the scooter's Chinese manufacturing company, Shenzhen Leoch E-vehicle Co. Ltd. The case was a coup for the man's Miami attorneys, Thomas and Elizabeth Culmo, who persisted in the case despite many obstacles involving international law that does not recognize judgments in the U.S. to be upheld in a foreign country.

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$1.65 Million Brain Injury Settlement For Commercial Hauling Truck Accident

Kathy Dearmin was just driving home from the gym when a commercial hauling truck hit her. The accident occurred when the driver of the truck ran through a red light and crashed into the side of Dearmin's car. She was in a coma for five weeks and continues to suffer from brain injuries that require a live in caretaker. The $1.65 million settlement will go towards her daily medical care and treatment.

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$10.4 Million Approved by Court For U-Haul Accident

U-Haul will pay $10.4 million to the Burke family for injuries related to an accident involving a tow dolly. The Burkes were driving a Ford Explorer and towing their Ford Contour with a rented U-Haul tow dolly. The towed Contour fishtailed and caused both vehicles to jackknife and go over a guardrail. Corry, wife and mom, suffered spinal injuries causing here to become paraplegic. U-Haul was ruled at fault for an unsafe rental policy and faulty design and distribution of the tow dollies, which should not be used for SUVs, which have a higher center of gravity.

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Homeless Man Gets $2 Million for Being Hit by Garbage Truck

A Los Angeles County jury awarded a homeless man almost $2 million for injuries caused when he was hit by a garbage truck. Marcus Taylor, 31, was sleeping under a tarp in an alley behind a gas station when a garbage truck ran over him, causing severe injuries. Taylor sued Klistoff and Sons Disposal, Inc, for negligence, as well as the owners of the company, Mike and Elaine Klistoff. Taylor was a homeless panhandler at the time. Taylor was found to be 25% responsible because he was hidden under the tarp and scaffolding.

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$7 Million for Truck Accident

A jury in Cleveland, OH has ruled that Tyson Foods, Inc. is liable for the death of Daniel Brumfield, 22, whose pickup truck was hit head-on by a Tyson Foods truck in 2004. $6 million of the verdict was awarded for wrongful death and $1 million was awarded for the pre-death emotional distress of Brumfield. Brumfield's two parents and a brother will be the recipients of the jury award.

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$11 million for Florida Tractor Trailer Accident

Lucy Ballard of Jacksonville, Florida will receive $11 million for an accident that happened 11 years ago. Ballard's car crossed into the opposing lane and struck two tractor trailers. She was thrown from her vehicle and landed face down in the middle of Interstate-95. Ballard spent weeks in a coma and was left paralyzed, can not bathe or feed herself, and can speak only a few words.

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$11.7 million to Truck Accident Survivors

A Vallejo, CA jury awarded an 8-year-old boy and his mother $11.3 million for a freeway wreck that killed his father and twin sister. The jury found Swift Transportation Company liable for the 2003 deaths of 27-year old Christopher Michael Pratt and his 5-year old daughter, Alexis. Pratt's son, Mike Pratt, and his mother, Jessica Rivera, survived an accident in which a Swift big rig driver cut across two lanes of traffic and hit the family's vehicle. The truck driver said he was fatigued because he had driven more than 70 hours that week.

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$2.05 million jury verdict following truck accident

A jury awarded a Rhode Island man $2 million after he was injured in a truck accident. Wayne DeMarco was a passenger in a truck that crashed into several light poles. The driver of the truck was charged with driving while intoxicated. DeMarco sued the driver, as well as the truck company. DeMarco's leg was crushed in the accident.

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$10.4 million award in truck accident

A jury awarded $10.4 million to the family of a 9-year-old Chicago girl who was killed when a tractor-trailer in front of the family's vehicle lost control. When the family stopped, they were rear-ended by another big rig truck, killing Crystal Colon.

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