Hazardous Chemical Injuries


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Even with seemingly endless regulation through agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), hazardous chemicals of varying toxicity are still in our homes, schools, public building and workplaces, causing serious personal injury, chronic conditions and even death.

What Can Cause Hazardous Chemicals Injuries?

Chemical and pollution-related injuries can be caused in a number of different ways. Chemicals can be stored improperly, released into the air, spilled into our waterways and soil and get just about anywhere they shouldn't be.

Many times, negligence on the part of the company handling the chemical is to blame. In addition, toxic chemicals can be present in a variety of products and a failure to warn consumers can result in them being dangerously exposed to them.

While it's true that certain people are more sensitive or allergic, they should be made aware of the risk. There is also a situation known as "sick building syndrome" that exists in which certain parts or systems in a building emit hazardous chemicals or toxins, such as asbestos.

Over time, as these chemicals build up in your system as a result of prolonged exposure, the effects can be catastrophic. Suffice it to say, hazardous chemicals seem to be a part of modern life.

Hazardous Chemical Injuries and Conditions

Exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause grave injury and death. This exposure can result in cancer, leukemia, nerve damage, birth defects, asthma, allergies, emphysema and other respiratory diseases, lead poisoning, chemical burns, and a host of other illnesses. Often, people develop conditions without even recognizing the potential source.

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