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Assisted living facilities are designed to keep seniors safe while providing a variety of services.

Unfortunately, as nursing homes become more crowded, incidents of elderly abuse in these facilities has grown at a steady rate. Moreover, nursing home abuse is often unreported or swept under the rug, as some abused individuals are reluctant to file a personal injury lawsuit.

But a personal injury lawsuit is often the only way to put an end to the harm done by those who are supposed to be caretakers. The injuries can include physical and mental abuse, neglect and sometimes theft.

If you or someone you know has been harmed while under the watch of a nursing home, speak with a personal injury attorney about your rights. You can get a free case evaluation with a local injury lawyer when you complete the free form on this page.

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How to Recognize Elder Abuse

Generally, elder abuse is defined as any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by the caregiver of an elderly individual that causes harm or a serious risk of harm.

While nursing home abuse laws vary from state to state, several types of abuse are typically considered unlawful, including:

  • Physical abuse, which can occur through actual physical harming of the elderly person, or through depriving them of a basic necessity, such as food or clean clothing.
  • Sexual abuse or any nonconsensual sexual contact with an elderly person. In some cases, even contact that appears to be consensual may be actionable.
  • Emotional abuse such as psychological mistreatment or harsh words directed toward a resident of a nursing home.
  • Simple neglect, potentially including a failure to maintain the condition of the property if such negligence results in a slip and fall injury.
  • Financial exploitation, including the illegal use of a nursing home resident’s personal assets. It is important to look for these signs of abuse at nursing homes.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of the above forms of abuse, a nursing home abuse attorney may be able to help you seek justice.

Since residents of nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to poor treatment, a heightened degree of vigilance is appropriate when surveying elderly citizens' living conditions.

Common signs of nursing home abuse include physical injuries, bedsores, sudden changes in behavior, the excessive use of medication, and the loss of money or other material possessions.

Filing a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

If you have a loved one that you suspect is experiencing abuse, first remove that person from the unhealthy situation. Then, contact a resource like the National Center for Aging, which provides a helpful list of hotlines for each state.

After you’ve eliminated the immediate danger of elderly abuse, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine the next steps to take to prevent further abuse and seek justice for the abuse that has already occurred.

In order to learn the extent and nature of the nursing home abuse laws in your state, speak with a local personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation.

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