Police Brutality Laws

Police officers are prohibited under state, city and federal law from using excessive force on citizens in the performance of their duties. Still, there are stories in the news every day about police torture, unlawful arrests and coerced confessions - which are forms of personal injury.

Police Brutality Cases

We won't kid you; police brutality cases are very difficult to win. These cases are very complex because witnesses are often hesitant to step forward and testify and the burden of proof is so difficult to establish.

There are also many laws that provide immunity to police officers, including short statutes of limitations.

If you have been the victim of police brutality, you may be entitled to an award of damages from the officers themselves and also from the municipality or county that employed the officers.

Common Forms of Police Brutality

  • Taser Injury and Death: Tasers are designed to give police a non-lethal option to subdue a suspect. However, the electroshock it produces can cause serious injuries, and in some cases death. Improper Taser use can be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • False Arrest: Police investigations sometimes mean innocent people are arrested or even imprisoned. If you were arrested without probable cause or in violation of your constitutional rights, you may have standing to bring forth a lawsuit.
  • Other Police Brutality Cases: Sometimes in the pursuit of justice, police officers use excessive force or intimidate suspects. These tactics are often illegal regardless of the suspect's guilt, and often lead to a police brutality suit.

Because of the challenges that are often present in police brutality cases, people bringing these cases may consider having a personal injury attorney on their side.

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If you've been a victim of police brutality, you can take steps to protect your rights, including bringing a civil suit against the police department and officers involved.

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