Sexual Abuse and Personal Injury

Despite a lot of media coverage about child abuse, it still is primarily a silent epidemic. Many sexually abused victims still keep their pain a secret. Children are still slow to speak with parents or caretakers about their ordeal. Even when sexual abuse is reported, victims or the parents of victims often do not pursue legal action - though sexual abuse is considered personal injury.

Sexual abuse is a very serious offense and should not be taken lightly.If you or someone you love is a victim of sexual abuse, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney today. Fill out the form below and we will connect you with an injury attorney near you for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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A local injury lawyer who handles sexual abuse cases can help the victim and family deal with the complex and delicate issues surrounding the case. Victims who've already filed criminal charges may also consider filing civil charges if they're the victim of:

  • Child sex abuse
  • Molestation
  • Rape
  • Sexual harassment

Sexual Abuse Demands Legal Action

Sexual abuse leaves devastating scars on its victims, whether emotional, physical or both. The rest of the family can suffer, too, from rage, guilt, fear and depression. If left unaddressed or untreated, these effects can become debilitating. Indeed, many families are ripped apart by unresolved issues and denial. When action isn't taken against a sexual offender, it can increase the chances it will happen again to someone else.

Pursuing damages in a sexual abuse case may, in some small way, restore a bit of power and dignity to the victim and his or her family.

Sexual Abuse Civil Lawsuit

Sexual abuse is a criminal offense. However, an abused child and his or her family are also able to bring a private lawsuit to recover damages resulting from sexual abuse. While no attorney can undo what a sexual predator has done, a personal injury lawyer can help the victim and his or her family begin to rebuild their lives. Filing a sexual abuse personal injury civil lawsuit may help a victim recover damages for:

  • Medical bills, including psychological care
  • Punitive damages (to discourage future abuse)
  • Pain and suffering

Learn Your Rights by Speaking with a Local Attorney

If you've been the victim of sexual abuse, you may be able to seek justice and receive compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. To connect with an injury attorney near you, simply fill out the free evaluation form on this page, or call us toll-free at 877-288-7564. We'll put you in touch with a personal injury attorney in your area within minutes.

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