Slip and Fall Personal Injury


A slip and fall injury can occur for anyone under many circumstances. The most common slip and fall personal injuries occur in or around slippery surfaces, including bathrooms, recently waxed floors and icy sidewalks.

If you have suffered any type of injury from slipping and falling, the most important thing to do is seek medical attention for your injury. Sometimes serious injuries do not appear until weeks after a fall, so it’s best to taken precautionary steps. In addition, you may wish to take a picture of the area where you fell.

Your slip and fall personal injury may lead to the recovery of damages. To see if your slip and fall injury might lead to a successful lawsuit, speak with a local personal injury lawyer during a free case evaluation. Complete the free form on this page and we'll connect you right away.

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Slip and Fall Lawsuits

There are several unique features of a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit. First, in order to file a successful injury lawsuit, you must be able to prove that your injury was caused by the negligent actions of someone else.

Negligent actions giving rise to a slip and fall personal injury claim may include:

  • Failure to properly maintain sidewalks.
  • A business' failure to warn customers of a recently waxed or washed floor.
  • Poorly maintained floors or walkways in public places.

When filing a lawsuit after a fall, most states have statutes of limitations that require slip and fall suits be filed within a short period of time after the initial injury. These time limits may be even shorter when the accident was caused by the negligence of a government employee or project.

Any delays in filing a lawsuit may cause problems for your case. In addition, waiting too long before contacting an attorney may lead to the loss of key evidence, a loss of memory of the accident, and a failure to keep in touch with important witnesses to the accident.

As a result of the sensitive time element to slip and fall personal injury claims, you may want to contact an injury attorney shortly after you suffer your injury.

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Personal injury lawsuits may take several months or longer to be completed, but they may lead to a judgment that pays for any medical bills and lost wages that were caused by your injury. An injury lawyer can help explain the complexities of personal injury law and help you get started on your slip and fall injury claim.

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