Spinal Cord Injuries

You've seen it in movies and television programs. You've heard about it happening to other people. Everyone knows that spinal injuries can be devastating. The spinal cord contains tiny delicate nerve cells that feed impulses that cause our arms and legs to move, and control our breathing and other major functions.

A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can be an extremely traumatic, paralyzing injury leading to a lifetime of pain, suffering, emotional scars, loss of income and huge medical expenses. The devastation caused by this type of injury can be unfathomable, and an injury lawyer can help handle the case.

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What Happens in an SCI?

An SCI involves trauma to the nerve cells that form the spinal cord. This injury can interfere with the spinal cord's ability to carry messages from the brain that control movement, breathing, speaking, and other critical body functions.

Depending upon the nature, location and extent of the SCI, these disruptions can lead to two conditions: paraplegia (paralysis of the lower portions of the body) or quadriplegia (paralysis of the upper and lower parts of the body).

An SCI can occur in motor vehicle collisions, slips and falls, acts of violence, sports-related injuries, and numerous other incidents that cause injury or compression to the nerve cells of the spinal cord.

Approximately 250,000 Americans currently suffer form some form of SCI, and there are about 11,000 new cases annually.

The Financial Toll of an SCI

SCI-related costs can be astronomical. More than half of all spinal cord injuries result in quadriplegia, resulting in an average hospital stay of 95 days and approximately $120,000 in medical expenses.

For individuals who sustain SCI at the age of 25, the average lifetime medical costs for quadriplegia is $1.35 million. However, these figures don't begin to take into account the complete picture: devastating emotional costs, loss of livelihood and wages, special adaptive equipment and physical alterations within the home.

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If you or someone in your family has suffered a spinal cord injury, you may be able to pursue compensation from the party at fault. In a personal injury lawsuit, you may be entitled to medical costs, lost wages, and more, freeing you from the financial hardship associated with this type of injury.

Learn your rights and the options available to you by speaking with a personal injury attorney in your area. Receive a free consultation and find out how to put the laws to work for you.

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