Cheerleading Injuries

For years, Americans have debated over whether or not cheerleading should be categorized as a sport. Regardless of your feelings about what defines a sport, there is no arguing the fact that cheerleading can be dangerous.

In fact, recent statistics about cheerleading injuries suggest that the activity must certainly qualify as a full-contact sport.

According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, 65 percent of all severe female high school sports injuries afflict cheerleaders. The statistics are similar for female college athletes, too, as cheerleading continues to lead to devastating injuries for young women.

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Cheerleading Injury Statistics

While cheerleaders suffer disproportionately from catastrophic injuries, such as a brain or spinal injury, they also experience a wide range of other ailments.

Research published in the journal Pediatrics found that:

  • 22,900 children under the age of 18 were admitted to hospitals for cheerleading injuries in a recent year.
  • Of these injuries, 52 percent were sprains or strains, 18 percent were soft tissue injuries, 16 percent were fractures or dislocations, and almost 4 percent were concussions and other brain trauma.

Some experts attribute the recent rise in cheerleading injuries to the popularity of gymnastic-style stunts that cheerleaders now perform.

This observation is supported by anecdotal evidence, as the most remarkable athletic feats at many athletic events are now the twists, flips, and throws performed by cheerleaders.

With the pressure on young cheerleaders to perform increasingly difficult stunts, parents and other observers are growing more cautious about proper training and injury prevention measures.

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Cheerleading Injury Lawsuits

The proliferation of severe injuries in high school and collegiate cheerleaders suggest that the sport is becoming more dangerous. If cheerleaders are not properly trained, the risk of serious injury rises even higher.

A recent lawsuit determined that a cheerleader cannot sue fellow cheerleaders for injuries suffered during a poorly performed routine. However, potential causes for a negligence lawsuit in the event of cheerleading injuries may include:

  • Negligent training or coaching
  • Improper or faulty equipment
  • Inadequate post-accident medical care

Lawsuits over cheerleading injuries are still a relatively unsettled area of the law, but people who suffer injuries while cheerleading may be able to seek legal relief in some circumstances.

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