Asbestos Cancer Lawsuit

The advantages of asbestos in construction—it’s heat resistant, fire resistant, and doesn’t conduct electricity—made the material very popular in several different industries.

Unfortunately, the chemical properties that make asbestos a good building material wreak havoc on human health. A recent series of asbestos cancer lawsuits in the news have revealed the terrible public health effects of widespread asbestos use.

If you or someone you know have been exposed to asbestos, and believe you have suffered an injury as a result, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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Causes of Asbestos Cancer

In today’s industrial world, asbestos is a known carcinogen, and employers who use the material must take necessary precautions to protect workers. Unfortunately, not everyone implements these protective measures, and decades ago, they didn’t exist at all.

As a result, many people who used to work with asbestos develop asbestos cancer, also known as mesothelioma, which is a very aggressive form of cancer. Common symptoms of asbestos cancer often include fatigue, chest pain, severe weight loss, breathlessness, fever and constant coughing.

In addition, asbestos cancer seems to strike workers in some professions more than others. In fact, workers in the following industries may have increased susceptibility to asbestos cancer:

  • Asbestos mining
  • Heating industries
  • Construction
  • Asbestos mills
  • People who live close to asbestos-producing facilities
  • Families of workers exposed to asbestos

Due to the severe health effects of asbestos cancer, treatment options are very expensive, and range from chemotherapy to surgery to gene therapy.

Because of these costs, some sufferers of asbestos cancer file lawsuits against responsible parties, particularly if they were exposed to asbestos unknowingly or were not provided with the proper safety equipment.

Asbestos Injury Lawsuits

If you worked in an industry that dealt with asbestos, and have been diagnosed with or are experiencing symptoms of asbestos cancer, you may be able to pursue a personal injury settlement or file a worker’s compensation claim against the guilty parties.

A successful injury claim, though, will require proving:

  • A real injury, with medical proof
  • That the asbestos actually caused the injury
  • That legal relief will help remedy the injury

Thus, an asbestos cancer lawsuit requires the injured party to go through several legal steps before obtaining relief.

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