Machinery and Assembly Line Accident Injuries


If you work in one or have ever visited one, you know a job at a shop or any manufacturing facility has a lot of large, mechanized equipment. It's all very loud and intimidating. Couple big, dangerous equipment with human beings who are working, and you can have a recipe for disaster.

Indeed, the shop floor is a potentially very harmful place. Injuries resulting from machinery accidents can include loss of limb or extremity, blindness, burns, internal injuries, disfigurement, even death.

Causes of Machinery Accidents

Defective equipment is one of the primary causes of machinery accidents. Sometimes, a machine is just inherently dangerous to operate due to poor design or lack of safety features such as a guard or shield to protect operators from moving parts.

Some machines emit toxic chemicals or fumes or don't have proper shielding to prevent splashing or leakage. Some machinery can be defective if it has inadequate systems to shut down the equipment in the even of an accident or malfunction.

Then, there are cases in which maintenance schedules have not been maintained-often due to efforts to contain costs.

Unfortunately, there are many instances in which machinery that's past its prime has not been replaced. Additionally, there are also situations in which poorly considered operational systems are to blame.

Whatever the cause, industrial-related accidents are a serious problem, and result in thousands of serious injuries every year.

Negligence Behind Machinery Accidents

The problem with most machinery accident cases is that an employee usually has to just settle for workmen's compensation rather than suing his employer.

However, there may be hope if you can prove your employer knew the machinery was defective and did nothing about it. That knowledge is the basis of gross negligence or recklessness.

Most workers compensation laws limit an employer's liability even if the employer was negligent. In most states, however, the laws allow you to pursue an employer if the employer recklessly disregarded the safety of employees.

In addition, in a defective machinery case, you may be able to also sue anyone involved in the design, engineering, manufacture, distribution, sale and/or installation of the equipment.

Consider a personal injury lawyer

Machinery accident cases can be very complicated. However, a lawyer who handles machinery accidents should know how to leverage the inside knowledge that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Consider letting a personal injury lawyer help handle your case.

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