Work Injuries


Injuries that occur in the workplace can be complicated, involving intricate Workers' Compensation law and multiple parties.

A personal injury attorney can work with you so that you understand your rights and have a good idea of the legal processes involved by these on-the-job injuries.

Whether you are trying to negotiate a Workers' Compensation claim, you've been hurt in a construction accident, or you were injured in a machinery or assembly line accident, a personal injury attorney can answer your personal injury lawsuit questions and help you work towards fair compensation.

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Workers' Compensation and On-the-Job Injuries

Workers' Compensation law is different from other areas of injury law. There are particular formulas to determine damages, and the regulations surrounding a claim are specific and intricate.

You may be eligible for compensation even if you were at fault. You may want to speak with a worker's compensation lawyer if you have questions about how your claim is being handled or if it is denied.

Construction Injuries

Construction injuries can make for complicated personal injury cases. There are often multiple parties sharing liability, like equipment manufacturers and suppliers. A construction injury attorney can guide you through the legal process and explain which parties could potentially carry liability.

The inherent dangers of a construction site seem obvious. But when it comes to navigating a personal injury claim, a lawyer may help move you towards the compensation that you deserve.

Machinery / Assembly Line Accident Injuries

A manufacturing facility or job shop can be full of potential dangers. Machinery must be appropriately maintained, and safety measures upheld. When they are not, machinery and assembly line injuries can be significant.

While often an employee must settle for Worker's Compensation rather than suing an employer, there are exceptions. For instance, when you can prove that an employer knew that a piece of machinery was defective and did nothing about it, you may be entitled to recover directly from your employer.

An injury lawyer may help determine which kind of claim is appropriate and how best to prove your case, so that you can work towards the compensation you deserve.

What can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury attorney can help navigate the complexities of a personal injury claim or help if a Worker's Compensation claim is denied.

You may be unfamiliar with the very specific regulations and specifications, and might benefit from the advice of an attorney.

Additionally, an injury lawyer can negotiate with an employer's insurance carrier on your behalf. This could prevent you from making costly mistakes, or accepting a settlement that is perhaps not ideal or sufficient.

Your Employer's Insurance Carrier

It is often in the interest of your employer's insurance carrier to settle quickly, while your goal is fair compensation.

An injury attorney can help make sure you have all of the necessary information before accepting a settlement from the insurance company. A work injury lawyer can negotiate with these insurance carriers on your behalf.

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