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Have you recently suffered a personal injury as the result of someone else's negligence? If so, learn all about your rights and options to help ensure that you are compensated appropriately. An Arizona personal injury attorney can help with information about your rights and options. The personal injury you suffered can fall in a wide range of types, and an Arizona injury lawyer could have information to help you regardless of which type of injury your case involves.

Were you a victim of an automobile accident or brake failure? An Arizona personal injury attorney can talk to you about your options, so get in touch with one today. When you fill out our free form, or call us at 877-288-7564, we will connect you with an Arizona injury lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn your rights and protect your future today.

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Arizona Comparative and Contributory Negligence

Comparative negligence allows an injury victim to seek compensation for any part of his or her injury that wasn't their fault. For example, if you are involved in a car accident and you are partially at fault for that accident, you can still seek damages from the other parties who were also at fault for your injuries based on their percentage of fault.

Contributory negligence is a defense that can prevent victims from collecting any compensation for an accident for which they are in any way to blame. "Pure contributory negligence" does still exist in some states - meaning that if a victim is found in any way at fault for his or her personal injury, the victim cannot collect any compensation from other parties for the injury.

This defense has been modified in many states so that a victim who is less than 50% at fault for his or her accident can still seek compensation for injuries.

"Pure comparative negligence" is kind of the opposite of pure contributory negligence - it allows a victim of injury who may have been mostly responsible for the accident to collect damages from the parties that were less at fault for the injury. "Modified comparative negligence," however, allows a victim to recover only if their fault level is below a certain percentage.

Laws about comparative and contributory negligence vary widely state by state. It's important to know how these laws can affect your injury lawsuit.

Arizona Negligence Laws

Arizona is a state that practices pure comparative negligence with some added considerations. In Arizona, you cannot collect damages for your personal injury from an accident if you intentionally caused or contributed to another party's wrongful death.

Certain additional statutes may apply to pure comparative negligence in the state of Arizona - so the way it affects your case may vary.

Be Aware of Insurance Company Tricks

Company representatives are trying to save the insurance company money. They may be trying to get you to minimize or deny your claim, in order to cut down the amount the company has to pay you. Do not be tricked by any of these tactics. Talk to an Arizona personal injury lawyer to help plan an approach to dealing with the insurance agency. The best approach may be just to let the attorney handle it.

Those at Fault for Your Injury may have to Compensate You

The law is set up to protect people from being taken advantage of, and Arizona personal injury attorneys are also set up to protect your rights. An Arizona injury lawyer can help you fight for what you deserve, so get in touch with one by contacting us today.

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