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A South Carolina injury attorney can help with most types of injury cases.


It really doesn't matter whether your injury is from a dog bite or due to chemical exposure, a South Carolina personal injury attorney can take the time to clarify your rights and options.

You can get the information you need whether you were a victim of police brutality, suffered from a burn injury or need to file a worker's compensation claim.

Most people do not have any idea how to protect their rights when an awful accident happens. Fortunately, you can get questions answered during a free consultation with a South Carolina personal injury attorney.

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Dealing with Insurance Companies

The insurance company representatives may sound friendly and concerned about your welfare only because they are trained to gain your trust so they can protect the insurance company's money.

When the representatives contact you, their real intention may well be to gain information to weaken or even destroy your case. The insurance company representatives may convince you that they can simplify the process but the truth is they may really want to minimize the amount the insurance company has to pay you.

You don't have to talk to the insurance company directly--you can tell them to contact your lawyer. Otherwise, they can take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience with personal injury claims. Remember insurance companies have lots of money to employ lots of people to deny lots of claims.

Don't let the insurance company take advantage of you. A South Carolina injury attorney can protect your personal injury claim for you by handling all contact with the insurance company.

You Shouldn't have to Suffer Lost Wages because of your Injury.

Insurance companies are lobbying to change personal injury laws in order to decrease the number and value of personal injury settlements. You may even agree that there are too many personal injury cases filed in this country already and you may be hesitant to burden society with your claim.

Certainly, some lawsuits are unreasonable, but there are legal procedures in place to handle those cases and the attorneys who file them. However, most personal injury cases are the only way injury victims can get compensated for their losses.

The reason these cases come about in the first place are because the insurance companies and big corporations are declining to make reasonable settlements to compensate people for legitimate losses.

It is up to a personal injury attorney to make sure injury sufferers obtain fair payment from the responsible party for their medical expenses, lost wages and any other costs associated with the injury incident.

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