Deposition Information

What Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Be Asking You

If you were recently injured and are considering taking your personal injury case to trial, your deposition is an important topic that you and your injury lawyer will talk about.

Your account of what happened during your accident could determine whether your case goes to trial, if you win or lose your personal injury case, or how much you are rewarded.

Personal Injury Questions You Should be Prepared to Answer

Your personal injury lawyer will want to set a certain tone for your deposition so that it is smooth and presents all the facts. The questions, and the order in which they are asked, can be very important in your personal injury case.

The questions that are asked during your deposition will depend on the nature of your lawsuit and what types of injuries you have suffered. Below are samples of some questions you should be prepared to have detailed answers for.

Possible Opening Deposition Question:

  • When did you realize there would be an accident?

Possible Questions for Personal Injury Accidents that Involve Physical Injury:

  • How did the accident happen?
  • Was there anything unusual about your surroundings?
  • What did you hear right before the accident?
  • Describe how your body moved during the accident
  • What body parts made contact with what objects? How did you land? What part of your body did you land on? Give a detailed description of the way you landed.
  • When did you start hurting? Was there swelling? Did you have bruises, cuts or broken bones? Give a description of the pain, swelling and injuries.
  • Were photographs taken at the accident? Have you seen these photos? Did you take pictures of your injuries? All these photographs will hopefully be presented at the trial.
  • Did you seek medical treatment? When? Who was your doctor and how do you know/find them?
  • Describe your treatment and how long it took. When was your last visit?
  • Talk about the medications you were prescribed. Are you still taking the medications?
  • How do you feel today? Any limitations after your accident?

What Else to Expect During Your Deposition

In your deposition, you will be answering questions specific to your personal injury case, but there are some questions you may have to answer that are general questions asked in most depositions.

The opponent's side will get a chance to ask you some questions about your accident. These questions might be tricky and could potentially damage either your personal injury case or your opponent's position.

  • Have you ever been arrested? If yes, have you been convicted?
  • Have you ever been deposed before? If yes, have you ever testified in court? Were you ever the plaintiff or defendant in another lawsuit?
  • Have you seen the plaintiff or defendant before the lawsuit?
  • Have you met the other side's counsel before the deposition? When? Where? Why?
  • Have you signed any written statements or recorded statements to reporters about the lawsuit?
  • Did you read any witness statements or depositions or look at any photos or diagrams that relate to this case before your deposition?
  • What did you do to get ready for this deposition?
  • Were other people present when you met with your lawyer?
  • How did you find your attorney?
  • Do you have a driver's license with you?

Consult Your Personal Injury Lawyer for Help with Your Deposition

Your personal injury lawyer can give you tips and could help you develop a solid deposition for your personal injury case.

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The above summary of personal injury lawsuit depositions is by no means all-inclusive and is not legal advice. For advice and information on personal injury lawsuit depositions, speak to a personal injury attorney in your area.

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