Injury and Accidents and Their Probability

Many people fear falling from high places, getting into a car wreck or being the victim of another tragic accident. People also fear less common events, like getting struck by lightning.

What are the odds that occurrences like that would happen? What are the chances that you'll die from some of these unusual types of accidents?

injury and accident probability

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Probability of Dying in Various Accidents:

  • Firearms discharge: 1 in 6,609
  • Lightning: 1 in 134,906
  • Bitten by a Dog: 1 in 144,899
  • Fireworks discharge: 1 in 652,046
  • Asteroid impact*: 1 in 700,000 (these odds are based on allowing the number of asteroids that can hit Earth as well as how much damage they can do, depending on size).
  • Shark attack: 1 in 3,748,067
  • Dying on a scheduled plane flight: 1 in 14,000,000


Considering probabilities like these sheds some light on how likely these events are to happen. Who knew an asteroid impact wouldn't be the least likely on this list?

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