What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury laws apply to accidents or intentional actions that cause physical, mental or emotional harm to an innocent victim. A personal injury lawsuit is a victim’s method of seeking compensation for the resulting damages and losses.

Because the definition of a personal injury is so broad, personal injury claims can arise out of incidents as diverse as car accidents, slip and fall, sexual abuse, police brutality and medical malpractice.

Would a personal injury lawsuit help you get justice and compensation for your damages? A local personal injury lawyer can look at the specifics of your incident and the laws in your state to see if you have a case.

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Accidents That May Lead to a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Most personal injury lawsuits are governed by tort laws, which can vary widely by state. Some types of injuries, though, often prompt victims to file a personal injury claim.

These incidents all share on common thread: They resulted in damages of some kind. Damages can mean medical bills incurred; lost wages because of missed time at work; damage done to a car in a crash; and much more. A personal injury lawsuit is a way to make the person who caused the injury pay for the damage they caused.

Incidents that may lead to a personal injury claim include:

The goal of most personal injury lawsuits is twofold.

First, a victim seeks legal recognition that the guilty party caused the injury. Second, an injury victim also attempts to get compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and other losses that resulted from the injury.

While television shows and movies often highlight the trial portion of a personal injury lawsuit, the vast majority of injury claims are settled out of court. As a result, much of the work in personal injury claims occurs behind the scenes between the parties’ attorneys.

A local injury lawyer may provide more information about the most suitable course of action for your claim.

Preparing for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If a person suffers an injury and believes that someone else is at fault, taking a few key steps after the injury may help prepare the victim for a future lawsuit.

These pre-lawsuit steps include:

  • Taking detailed notes about what caused the accident, when it occurred, and who witnessed it.
  • Keeping records of all costs associated with the injury, including medical bills and lost time at work.
  • Preserving evidence of the accident that caused the injury. Taking photographs of the scene of the accident may also be helpful.
  • Contacting people who saw the accident, especially if they would be willing to help prove your case.

By doing your homework before taking a case to trial, you may be better prepared to make your personal injury claim.

For more information about what a personal injury lawsuit is and how one can be filed, contact a local injury attorney today.

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