After Filing an Injury Lawsuit


The initial step towards resolving a dispute through a personal injury lawsuit is to file the complaint. After filing an injury lawsuit via the complaint, clients and their attorneys pursue several different steps.

These steps may include conducting investigations, interviewing witnesses, compiling medical documents, and engaging in settlement negotiations with the other party.

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Steps After Filing an Injury Lawsuit

While injury lawsuits may provide valuable legal relief, they often take several months to complete. Why such a long wait? After filing an injury lawsuit, plaintiffs and their attorneys may have to take several steps, including:

  • Research. Clients and their attorneys often conduct extensive investigations after filing an injury lawsuit in order to strengthen their case.
  • Depositions. Before going to trial, attorneys often conduct formal interviews with witnesses and experts who can explain any technical information the judge or jury may need to hear.
  • Settlement negotiations. A majority of personal injury lawsuits reach an out-of-court settlement before going to trial. The amount of compensation offered in a settlement usually depends on the strength of a plaintiff's case and the severity of the injury, and may go through several rounds of negotiation before reaching an amount all parties agree upon.
  • Trial. If no settlement is reached, a personal injury claim may proceed to trial. Trials may involve a jury or simply be decided by a judge. Other features of trials vary widely by state.

Some cases may require more research and procedural work than others. For example, a medical malpractice lawsuit often involves competing expert medical testimony from each side of the case.

In addition, the length of a lawsuit depends on factors other than the nature of the claim, including the backlog of cases in a particular jurisdiction and the willingness of the defendant to fight the claim.

Help After Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits tend to take several months, and often require knowledge of complex procedural rules.

Moreover, each state has its own body of personal injury laws, and state legislatures often abruptly change important laws governing injury claims.

Due to these complexities, many plaintiffs prefer to consult with a personal injury lawyer before filing an injury lawsuit.

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