Personal Injury Checklist

If you’ve recently suffered an injury due to the actions of someone else, you may be considering the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Speaking with an injury attorney, though, may sound a bit intimidating, and you may not know much about personal injury laws. One strategy to make this process simpler is to follow a checklist.

By following a simple personal injury checklist, you’ll be able to provide plenty of helpful information to an attorney and begin the process of determining the strength of your claim.

Personal Injury Checklist: Steps to Take After You are Injured

Soon after you suffer an injury, there are several key steps to take that may help you sort out the liability for your injury in the future.

People who have recently been injured are often advised to:

  • Compile the names and addresses of people who witnessed the accident
  • Gather the name and addresses of treating physicians
  • Seek contact information for people involved in the accident
  • Obtain relevant insurance information
  • If possible, take photos of the scene of the accident

These steps are vital because personal injury claims often require the presence of solid evidence, whether it takes the form of photographs, written documents, or the personal testimony of people who saw the accident.

Gathering contact information from people who witnessed or were involved with the accident allows an injured person to contact them later in the personal injury process.

Personal Injury Checklist: Key Documents

In addition to gathering the information listed above, a personal injury settlement often requires the collection of several different kinds of documents to help prove the claim.

Documents that may be helpful in an initial visit with an attorney include:

  • Police accident reports
  • Car insurance policies
  • Any letters received from or sent to insurance companies
  • Copies of medical bills
  • Proof of lost time at work
  • Receipts for items you had to fix due to the accident

Of course, you don’t have to compile all these documents at the very beginning of the process, but many of them may eventually become important.

Moreover, personal injury laws vary widely by state, so different plaintiffs with varying claims may have to offer different kinds of proof to settle their dispute.

For more information on personal injury options in your area, contact a local injury attorney today.

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The above summary is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. For legal advice on your particular situation, talk to a local personal injury attorney.

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